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unicorn hunting–saving american education

If I told you that we could completely change American education without spending a penny, then you would be on board. If I told you that we could, in fact, save billions of dollars wasted every year on education, then the entire voting population would most likely cast a vote in my direction. (Minus those profiting off the education system.)

After teaching since the 20th century (sounds not so old), I can assure that the only way to save education is to teach Unicorn Hunting. I know, I know. Not everyone wants to be a Unicorn Hunter. True, but then, not everyone wants to be a chemist and, still, we teach chemistry. Not everyone wants to be a physicist, but we still teach physical science. Not everyone wants to be a writer, but we sure teach English up through 12th grade.

So what’s wrong with our system?

Ask any kid, in any class, on the daily.

It’s boring. School is for the majority of the day–intensely, mind-numbingly boring.

Although it is unlikely that we can find anyone with the correct certification to teach Unicorn Hunting, there is the distinct possibility that someone amazing out there knows just how it is done.

Or…we could teach young people to love education again. We can teach them about being excited to learn. Heck, we could even get the teachers on board with covering fun stuff.

For real, we can do a full on, down the rabbit hole, dreamy overhaul of the education system.

Step 1 of the new American Education System–Get students excited about education again by teaching them that Unicorn Hunting is a valid pursuit. It doesn’t have to be their pursuit, but then again, they still have to learn to have confidence in their own creativity and thinking.

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